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Water Softeners

Making sure you have a water softener that is functional and clean is essential to the quality of life for your water and pipes. Hard water can cause your pipes to clog and make your water less dissoluble. Over time, lime scale deposits can be left behind, leaving you with costly and avoidable damages to your water system. By softening your water, your pipes will be clearer and allowing your heaters and tanks to work more efficiently, saving you even more money. We carry a variety of models to meet your budget and needs.


canton ohio plumbing pipes


Renner Plumbing Supply has you covered when it comes to piping materials. Whether you're looking to replace or upgrade lines, we offer pieces, supports and accessories that accommodate drainage and waste, gas and oil, air conditioning and refrigeration, indoor/outdoor, drinking water, hot and cold water supply and more. For all your piping needs look no further than our trusted store. Please call today to make sure we can provide the correct sizes and materials for your project and repairs.


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Sump Pumps

Basement flooding is a timely and costly headache that no one needs to deal with. At Renner Plumbing Supply, we offer the best sump pumps provided by Meyers. Sump pumps are essential for areas that are prone to having water levels above the foundation. They are able to extract the excess water, and dispel any unnecessary dampness from your home. Our sump pumps are affordable and easy to install in your sump pit. Please call today to check availability of sizes and models.


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Stripped and damaged threading can cause a serious concern in your plumbing system. We offer a multitude of tools and solutions that can help you get your pipes fitting and working in cohesion. Having a quality and proper tool set will allow for accurate repairs and prevent any further damage and corrosion. Please call us at our store today so we can assist you in receiving the appropriate tools for your repair and project.


canton ohio pipe fittings

Pipe Fittings

Having the proper pipe fittings allows for a seamless and smooth function of your piping system. Come to Renner Plumbing Supply so we can get you running with the right fit for your pipes and your budget. We strive to get you what you need so you can carry on with your repairs and projects. We offer various sizes, angles and materials to match any pipe system you may have. Please call us today to and inquire about the different selections we can provide.


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Pipe Valves

Having healthy and functional pipe valves are crucial in maintaining and controlling the flow of matter in your piping systems. Being able to seal and contain these matter is important to the safety of your pipes, home and person. Leaks and unwanted stoppages can become an inconvenience if not tended to. Renner Plumbing Supply carries a multitude of valves to accommodate for the size and material of your pipes. Call us today to make sure we can seal the deal with your valves needs.


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